Monday, February 02, 2009

Peanut Butter Recall

J and I eat a lot of protein or energy bars. We keep them in various bags so if we are out and about, we don't end up binging on bad food just because we are getting hungry. I was sick last week when the full news of the peanut butter recall hit, and didn't get a chance to go through our bars to see what might and might not be safe to eat. I basically told J to just stay away from any of the ones we had that had peanut butter in them (which is most of them). He bought some chewy granola bars to get by with.

Today, I finally checked the FDA's site since I wanted to throw a bar into my bag for my 4 hours at the gift store. It seems the only bar we have that is recalled is a Clif bar. All the Powerbars and Balance bars are NOT affected by the recall...which is good news since these babies are not cheap either...haha.

Anyhow, I just thought I would share the info just in case others had not gotten to the site but had a stash of Powerbar or Balance Bars....they are NOT affected by the recall. They must get their peanut butter from a different plant.

If you have other brands of bars or snacks with peanut butter in them, I highly recommend a visit to the FDA's site to make sure your food is good to go. This info I have provided is not all inclusive by any means and everyone should check out their cupboards on their own.


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Haha said...

I am glad you checked - I am also glad that my good old peanut butter Adams Brand wasn't on the list! I do believe there is pdf that you can print out too!