Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Endings

I was volunteering for 6 hours today and at one point, the sky looked like it was going to dump so I ran out to my car, turned the key to ACC and rolled up my windows. I then ran back in, forgetting to turn the car back off. 6 hours later, my battery was dead enough that the car wouldn't start (even though my radio, and interior lights and noises still worked). I called a friend to come over and help me jump start it (I always have cables in my car even though I rarely need to jump my own car with them).

We got it started and then I was off. I ran a few short errands where I could leave the car on so the battery would get some charge and then headed home. I pulled the car way up into the garage area and decided I was going to leave it on for a bit more. I have a key bob that I use to lock my car sometimes, and I took my keys off the ring (so I could get into the house) and used the key bob to lock the car. Bad idea...apparently, that locking was the last thing that keybob had battery life for because I couldn't get it to work to unlock my car!!!

So I have my car sitting in the garage of our house, running and locked. Thankfully I had a full tank of gas. J is on a business trip and his keys went with him and I normally don't have a need for an extra key since I usually can use his (of course I am making an extra key to the car today). I went over to the local police station to borrow a slim jim after I realized that a coat hanger was not going to work on my tight windows. I was able to get one and used it fruitlessly for twenty minutes. The officer (who can't slimjim for you because of liability) offered to call a locksmith. I agreed.

This little guy shows up at my house in his regular sedan and starts to try to pick the lock. He doesn't get it, so then he uses these air wedge things to force my door open enough to get a little rod in there and pulls the lock open from the inside. I was very impressed with him and the best part of about it was that the charge was 15 dollars (in yen of course). Fifteen dollars people....where in the US can you get a locksmith out to your house and open your car for 15 bucks??!!! I actually gave him the equivalent of 20 dollars (even though we don't tip here in Japan) because I was so happy that he came out during his dinner time in about 10 minutes and opened my car so quickly.

I still even had a full tank of gas when it was all over and I am sure my battery is charged plenty now!!! I need to get that guys number just in case I ever need him again!!!!


Three Years Ago on In My Words...Life's Measurements A great post for me to reread and reflect on right now.


Chicken said...

Wow I would have totally freaked out in that situation. I'm glad everything worked out.

Mishka said...

I figured if worse came to worse I would have had to pay a lot to have a locksmith but I wasn't going to break any of my windows because my car is too new to be found at the junkyard and the window would cost more than the locksmith....fortunately, they found the best deal ever for me!!! They said last time they called one, it was 100 bucks I guess I just got lucky!!

Haha said...

That is why I love my triple A card! I wonder if they have something like that. Might be worth looking into.