Thursday, November 06, 2008

Internet TV

I started watching the 4th season of Lost on the Internet today. I was looking for the 14th season of ER but couldn't find a reliable source so I gave up and started watching Lost from a site I trust (not completely since I am running my browser in Sandboxie).

I have watch two episodes so far and they have already sucked me in. Minus the fact that I have to sit at my computer to watch it, is not a bad set up. So far the quality is awesome and of course the big bonus is that they are free.

It is now 10:45pm and I have to get ready for much as they tried to cliffhang me into another episode. I guess now, I have even another reason to be on my computer all the time....haha.


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Mind Sprite said...

Lost sucks me in every time. I can't wait for the next season!!!!

Haha said...

My computer set up is not comfortable to sit and watch a movie - I am okay with a Youtube tidbit, but would have to have a much more comfortable setting to sit a watch a movie. Maybe sometime in the future - I am still such a book nut - in bed of course!!!

Chicken said...

Aren't you watching it from the Network TV's site? That is where I watch it from and find that they are pretty trustworthy.

By the way the word verification is REDMA

Mishka said...

I didn't even look for Lost on the network site...I was just searching for ER and found a site that had lost. I haven't had any problems with this site so far...I am being very careful about some of the others though.