Saturday, April 11, 2015

2015 PB 5K

Yesterday, I managed to compete in a 5K in one of our local towns. I didn't train for it, even though I should have so I wasn't able to do as well as I would have liked but I did do better than I expected.

The weather was cooler and cloudy and we had heard there were threats of rain. I have to say, we got lucky and it only sprinkled a bit near the end of the race.

I forced myself to run more than I had in ages, and it paid off on my time. Even with the extra weight I have put on this year, I matched my time from last year with no training other than walking a few 5k distances in the last few weeks.

After the race, I changed clothes and volunteered to work for my employer to help relieve some of the other volunteers when they needed it (the race is only one small part of a big festival that my employer is deeply involved with). The rain did come down, but it didn't damper the spirit of the day.

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