Sunday, March 27, 2011

Love This Litter

This stuff is the best stuff since sliced bread...Arm and Hammer's Essentials Cat Litter.

I have had to deal with a litter box for the last 15 years or so and can I tell you that I pretty much hate it and do everything I can to avoid it. With that said, recently my cat was diagnosed with diabetes which translates into meaning that she pees a lot (but it doesn't stink because it is so diluted from all the water she is drinking). Upon arrival back in the US, I had decided to try some different options for her litter box hoping to cut down on the tracking of litter. I gave the pine litter a try and it worked great (until she started showing signs of diabetes). I highly recommend the pine stuff, smells great and doesn't track at all. You just have to replace all of it once it goes back to sawdust.

Once the overload on peeing started though, the pine wasn't an option so I switched back to a clay clumping litter....and for some reason, it has been hell ever since. I don't know if it is because her urine is different or if it is because there is just so much of it, but the clay was just turning into a piece of cement hooked to the bottom of her litter box each time, no matter how often I cleaned it out. I was practically breaking the scoop trying to get the litter box clean and it was doing nothing but pissing me off.

So the other day, I saw the corn stuff and decided to give it a whirl. It is super light (even after she pees in it), which is a plus. It smells much nicer than any other litter I have experienced, it controls the odor when she does use it, and it is super easy to scoop. She does track it a bit, but it is easier than the clay to sweep up and it doesn't stick to her feet in little cement clumps like the clay does, which I am sure we are both thankful for.

Anyhow, I highly recommend this stuff and I am completely amazed that I had an entire post's worth to even say about cat litter....haha.


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Anonymous said...

When I had to do two litter boxes, I tried the pine, I loved it and so did Buddy, but poor Delta did not - it hurt her paws,and I believe that is from the declawing she had to undergoe - BEFORE - I adopted her. Cats tend to support themselves on their claws if they do not like the ground under them. She did not like stepping on the pine at all. I am glad you found one that you both like. I makes a big difference when both parties, owner and pet are happy!

Mishka said...

You can check it out when you come to visit....