Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fruit Bats Galore

The other night, I was heading out for a walk...sometimes I don't get all my exercise in during the day and have to take walks at night...sometimes kind of late at night.

We have these huge fruit bats here. They don't bother humans, they usually just hang out in the berry trees eating fruit and you only really hear or see them at dusk time.

I don't know what was different about this particular night, could have been the lack of moon, the nice breeze, the coolness of the air (we have been hot and humid consistently prior to this) or maybe it was just a bat social night I didn't know about. Anyhow, there were bats everywhere and they weren't hanging out in the trees. They were hanging on the telephone and electric wires. In my 6 years of living here, I have NEVER seen one of these bats outside of a tree. And it wasn't just one, I passed at least 5 of them on different parts of my neighborhood (I did a 2.5 mile walk) hanging on wires.

This one in particular was there when I went by at the beginning of my walk and then still there when I went back by so I stopped at the house and grabbed the camera. He stayed up there and let me take tons of pictures of him. I wish I could have gotten better ones, but I will be taking my camera with me for now on during my night walks just in case.


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Haha said...

I love that shot - it is so halloweenie!

Shannon Levin said...

Just got here about a month ago and could not believe the first night I went out. One of the largest flying creatures I had seen in a long time (and I lived in GA with large red tailed hawks) flies overhead. My wife says, "that's a big bird." I reply, "No, I think that's a bat." for two nights she would not believe me until she gets a better look at the wings one night. I kept wanting to wrap a towel around my neck when we went out at nights!

Mishka said...

They are just beautiful if you get a chance to watch them move through a tree eating at dusk.