Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why It Is Hard

My Mom just emailed me and my sister that our Grandfather is having problems. It is to be expected that as a person gets older there are various things that crop up but when you live far from home, it is hard to hear and imagine because everyone pretty much freezes (in your mind) at the time you left.

We have not lived in the same town with the majority of our family since we have been and school just wouldn't allow it, but we were able to stay on the West Coast for a long time (which is where most of our family lives) so that was okay...we were only a car ride away.

For the last few years though, we have been a plane ride away and right now I am a very long plane ride makes me feel terrible because I am not there, and I feel disconnected from my family.

I am hoping that the news we got is "worse case scenario" and things are not as bad as it sounds but I guess I need to prepare myself for the worse. I HATE that I am not there (although I don't know how much I would be able to help). I know it is hard on my Grandma to see him get older so much faster than he was before.

He will be 98 in September this year. I hope he knows I love him very much even from this distance.


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Larissa said...

I can relate! My grandfather is not doing well and it's hard to watch my mom and uncle struggle as they figure out what to do. It's a complicated story filled with all the tedious information about how they have the wrong insurance, my grandfather isn't cooperating with the therapy so he'll need to be moved again, they live several hours away, etc. Life can be realy sad at times and I think living overseas just magnifies any situation - good or bad!!! Hang in there and keep me posted!!