Monday, August 11, 2008

Another Product Down The Tubes

Well, I was a huge fan of Pond's Clean Sweep cloths until this week. A few weeks back, the packaging changed on their product. On the 30 count package (which is in plastic "babywipe" kind of set up), they added a cereal box type outer package with "new look" printed on it. This box-like package is immediately thrown away the first time you open the package. The only reason for it I can find is to make the product easier to stack on the shelves at the store.

So I email Pond's about it....actually the email ended up at Unilever, the parent company. With a week of traffic going back and forth, I get nothing but a canned response the first time, with no LEGITIMATE reason for adding unnecessary packaging to a perfectly good package, and further responses ask me to call their CS those fools that answer the phones are going to know why some marketing person made an executive decision to increase the useless packaging in the world.

So I sent them a note telling them that since they can't seem to take the time and explain to a loyal customer the reasoning behind the new useless packaging, I was going to stop using their product because it is increasing the waste in the world, not improving it.

I hope this blog article causes you to do the same. I will get off my soap box now....thanks.

Note: In the second picture, the box is just slipped over the same plastic packaging in the first picture. You can't open the product from the outside of the box, it has to be removed and then you are just left with the original plastic packaging....the second picture doesn't do the point I am trying to make justice but it was the only picture I could find of it


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Chicken said...

That is so stupid and it costs them more money too.

Haha said...

I love the ones from Walmart. You buy the baby wipe container with them in it and then get two refill packs that slip right in the orginal container or you can just use the refill (which is handy when you travel as it fits and molds into tight places. I know you don't have Wal Mart, but I do and would love to have you try them.