Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mom Visit Update

Let's see...

1. Plane was a bit late but not much.
2. Mom has a cold but is on the downside (she jokes that she will be just getting better when the plane ride back will put her down again).
3. We have found 4 geocaches so far.
4. We have checked out a cool cemetary, an awesome museum and several yummy eats, along with the usual errands.
5. We have had 3 house showings so far.
6. I have made Thai beef noodle soup and Massuman curry for her and she loved them both.
7. We have emailed family on the west coast for birthdays and Mother's Day.
8. We have done movie and music searches on the Internet.
9. We have watched one movie and have at least one more planned.

Tomorrow is the day that I do afternoons with my niece. We are also showing the house during that time so hopefully the weather will cooperate and we will spend the morning checking out some cool historical sites and perhaps some sourvenior shopping will occur and then we will spend the afternoon doing some caching with my niece. We'll probably have some tacos for dinner. Friday we are heading to the beach for the day and Saturday is already very packed...we'll see if we can fit it all in...haha.

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Chicken said...

Sounds like you guys are having a blast. I hope you are taking lots of pictures!