Monday, April 16, 2007

What Are They Thinking?

On Saturday, I spent a large portion of the day doing yardwork around the house. I put out 39 bales of pinestraw in our yard (my fingers are raw), but while I was doing it, I was wondering what the birds were thinking of my actions.

I figure it went something like this.

"So Louise, what do you think that human is doing over there?"
"Oh, she does that twice a year..."
"Yes, but what for?"
"Irma, don't you know? She is building a nest....that is how they do it."


Mind Sprite said...

Nest building....hahaha! Glad things are going well in your preparations to sell. I've not gone through that before, but it sounds like a lot of WORK!

I planted some stuff this weekend and a squirrel was sniffing from plant to plant, checking things out. I was happy to see he didn't start eating them or anything!

Just a Girl said...


I bet they think we are nuts.

Haha said...

Well they might also be saying "She finally got our nesting material out for the year" as I am sure they use it for their own nest's too!

kilgorsky said...

LOL! If birds were watching me they'd go: "This dude is pounding at a tube with a piece of calf skin on again. What up with that?"