Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Is The List Actually Shrinking?

Okay, I am making headway...and it feels good. While it might not look like it to the naked eye, I am slowly clicking little things off my list and that always helps me sleep better at night...and oh, can I say, how fabulous a little Clairol can be for a person's outlook? I just feel better knowing I did it and I won't have to do it again for a month or so and I don't look ten years older than I am anymore!!!!

So, if I can get the fish tank cleaned, the cat box cleaned and the sunroom vacuumed tonight before settling in to watch a movie and work on my friend's baby blanket, I will feel like a completely new person...the work in progress in my office can wait 'til tomorrow.

Please note that while I wanted to post a huge list here of all the sh1t I have been doing, I decided against it because I know how much it depresses you all....haha


Chicken said...

Thanks. I would feel like a loser if you had. I thought that you changed to permanent dye.

Violet said...

Thanks for not posting the entire list... Because then I would've had to think about MY list, and that is something that I try to do as little as possible.

Mishka said...

I do do the permanent but I have to do it again every month because my hair grows too fast. This time, I let an inch of grays come up just so I could really see how much I have and it was amazing how old it made me look and it made me feel old to...so now I am back to my young self...haha.

Mind Sprite said...

Thank you for not posting your list, but congrats on whittling it down.

Glad you're back to your young, fantastic self :)