Friday, February 25, 2005

Art Dilemma

Well as life would have it, we might have our first visitor that is not paid (handy person, FedEx, heat pump repair person, postal worker....) to be here, this weekend. A friend of ours is visiting the area and is considering coming over on Saturday. This of course is fabulous but also sends me into frantic "finish the house" mode. Being that we just moved into this house there are a few things that have not been "put away" yet. More than likely, he will not care what the house looks like as long as we have clean sheets, and towels and a working laundry facility.

This does nothing to quell my fears....I must get my art hung or else....Nice thing about this visit is that it will cause me to get it done, no matter what, and after the visit, I will be able to move onto other procrastinated items (going to the gym, golfing, doing my own art, learning guitar, writing my papers, and reading my textbook...just to name a few).

This leads to my dilemma, how to do it in a fashionable way and still incorporate all that we have in way of art???? Our current art collection runs the gambit, we have a lot of tapestries and pieces from our travels, plenty of family-made art (quite good, I might add), and then some pieces that would fall into traditional American art (Wyeth and such) which can be very large. Lately, my SOP has been to just take my time, hang something here, see if I like it, move it if I don't and so on...this doesn't work when you have a day and 1/2 to work with and I have more to do besides art hanging (like school work I have procrastinated my week away at).

So I am left with the task of figuring out how to mix and match without creating spaces with "themes". I used to do themes, I am really over themes these days. If that means my house is a hodge podge of what my current interests are, then so be it....I just can't do themes anymore...

Now obviously, some things will be hung based on size because I have some pieces that are very large and will only fit is some places...that is easier to deal with. It is all the smaller stuff that has me pulling my hair out. I should mention too, that this is the first time in my life that I have actually had more wall space than art to hang on it. Usually we have a bunch of stuff that never gets put up or is rotated out with others....not the case these days. I have whole rooms with nothing on them right now....what to do, what to do. One other thing is that I just recently moved from a very small space so I am still adjusting to all the space on the walls that comes with upgrading to larger living...hee hee.

Reality, of course, is that it doesn't really matter, I can change it all around tomorrow if I want, but I do like to get things done and feel like I accomplished a task....must be the anal perfectionist in me that loves to check off those boxes on the To Do List.

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