Thursday, April 26, 2012

MCP Project April

These are my challenge submissions for the MCP Project for April. There is a fourth one but I am not sure if I will get it done in time.


This was Challenge #2 which was Bloom and at this time of year, it was harder to select one image from all the "blooming" image possibilities there were out there. I only did an auto correct for light and color, and then added the fuzzy border. The afternoon light was already so great and the flowers speak for themselves.


This second image is one that screams Spring in these here parts...growing up I would just zip my pinched fingers up the step and pop all the little blue balls off. I am sure my mom and Aunt just loved that...LOL. Anyhow, this one also had great afternoon light so I only did an auto correct to balance light and color and then added the fuzzy border. This is for Challenge #3, which was for a Shallow Depth of Field.


The sun peaking through these flowers was awesome and I couldn't help but take advantage of this challenge. This one falls under Challenge #4, Taking a Shot from Below. I tried not to let the sun into the lens itself because it would have wiped out all the detail in the flowers. I only did an auto correct for light and color balance and added the fuzzy border.

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