Monday, March 05, 2012

MCP Change Up

So I was checking into my photo projects to find out what the theme words are going to be for the month and found out that MCP's Project 12 has changed to a monthly challenge format with several challenges to promote a bit more photo taking. I am excited about this....will give me a bit more flexibility since I already have the Shutter Sister's project that is a "once a month" thing based on a theme word.

Another change is that the images are going to be back on Flickr instead of hosted at our own blogs or third party sites. I am glad for this in some ways because it is easier for me to just have both projects on Flickr, but I also liked the traffic I was getting to my blog from the project as well so....

Last month's theme for both projects was Leap and I just couldn't come up with anything...I am hoping that this new format will motivate me to take a few more pics this month.

Last Year on In My Words...Elmer Byrd 1911-2011
It has been almost a year since my grandfather died.

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